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Saturday September 27 2008 on Cape Cod Massachusetts

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Cuba and the Internet

Blogs, Forums, News and Cuba Domain Names

There are a variety of Cuba information resources on the Internet. They vary widely in content ranging from extreme Cuban American exile blogs to Cuban government controlled media.

I have listed below a variety of news and information resources for your review. You can decide for yourself what is news, commentary, opinion, propaganda, etc.

Cuba Blogs

In no particular order other than maybe alphabetical, there are a wide variety of Cuba blogs that are updated regularly.

Babalu Blog - Cuban Americans in Miami - pro-Embargo

Cuba Polidata - Always something interesting regarding Cuban politics

Child of the Revolution - Growing up in Castro's Cuba

Cuban Colada by Miami Herald journalists

Yoani Sanchez with her unique Generation Y from Cuba in Spanish and In English

Nacho's Blog in English and in Spanish

Ninety Miles Away - Cuban American blog

Review of Cuban American blogs Mostly anti-Babalu

The Cuban Triangle by Phil Peters

The Real Cuba 

Cuba Forums

General Cuba forum by Topix

CubaMania - most active Cuba forum, variety of topics and opinions

Havana Journal Forum - Cuba business, culture, politics, travel, cigars and rum, Cuban Americans and more

Green Screen

Lonely Planet - Cuba travel forum

Debbie's Caribbean travel forums

Cigar Aficionado - Cuban cigar forum

Friends of Habanos

Cuba News


CNN's Cuba page with videos

Cuban News Agency from Cuba


Granma communist newspaper, International edition in English

Juventud Rebelde 

Miami Herald Cuba page

OFAC Recent Actions

Havana Journal - Cuba business, culture, politics and travel

Sun Sentinel Cuba page

Walter Lippman's Yahoo Groups news

Cuba travel news from Cuba

Reuters Cuba news page

Google News Alerts - sign up for news on keywords that interest you

DTCuba news from Cuba - in English or in Spanish, sign up for the newsletter

Cuba Domain Names

Domain names are like land on the Internet. Right now the best way to buy "land" in Cuba is to own one or more domain names that fit your interest(s).

You might be able to hand register domains that fit your interest or you may have to ask the current owner if he or she would consider selling the domain to you. Also, consider trying to partner with the domain owner suggesting that you might be able to provide original content to a website that might be developed on the domain that interests you.

There are a number of registrars like Godaddy.com that will show you if a domain you would like to own is available for registration.

CubaDomainsForSale.com offers hundreds of Cuba domains for sale. The domains in my portfolio can be seen at Havana.biz and I am always looking to develop sites with original content.

If you are interested to register a .cu domain name which is the country code extension for Cuba, it is not easy and probably is not even legal in the United States. However, if you want to research the availability of a particular .cu domain name and are willing to pay $999 per year for registration, go to RWGUSA.net. I have no experience with this registrar and would advise against registering a .cu for many reasons. So, do you own homework.